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Image RemovedHeartland’s Ava Starr is our foundation breeding girl at Sound Labradoodles. She’s got great conformation and we have been incredibly successful at training her to be a well behaved dog capable of many commands and jobs. We love Ava and have been delighted with all of her puppies.

Ava’s personality is all dog. She instinctively wants to work for us and still knows how to have fun with the other dogs when it’s time to play. Ava has never met another dog she didn’t like, but also wants to be close to her people, too.

Her coat has to be seen in person. It is a soft fleece as so many sought after labradoodles have, and it spirals as it grows longer. The color is very unique. While she was dark chocolate as a puppy, her color has gradually changed to all-over highlights with a blue-ish cast; this is generally referred to as “lavender”. It is similar to the color of Weimaraner dogs, and is distinctly different from the more yellow “café” coloring.

We are very fortunate that Ava comes from great lineage and is a true Australian Labradoodle down to her playful personality.

Ava has been retired from our program for several years. She lives a leisurely life as our beloved house dog. 

Color: Chocolate with lavender highlights 
Coat: Spiral fleece 
Size: 21" and 58 lbs 
Health: OFA Hips, Elbows, PRA clear, annual CERF, annual thyroid TgAA

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